La Berlue user guide

Some recommendations for a good stay.

The portal :

the gate is closed in the evening at dusk. remember your key

Wind :

At Buis we are sheltered from the Mistral.

When the Mistral is very strong, he returned by storm cyclically. One can have the impression that there is no wind and leave the windows open and all smacking 5 min after, especially if the windows on opposite facades are opened simultaneously. It is imperative to attach the shutters, open or closed.

the apartment entrance door (outside staircase) is a little hard to close, it is the cause of most air flow, we thank you to keep it closed.

The Garden :

It is a garden to rest. Thank you to respect the plantations and to harvest anything.
The scales serve as tutors for climbing plants. Above all, do not try to climb on it, they are not secure.
Do not throw anything into the basin to respect the tranquility of Koi carp.
The upper part of the garden (up the stairs) is private.

Childs :

Do not leave your children alone in the garden unsupervised. A garden can be dangerous for toddlers.
A kindergarten is right in front of the house on the dike.

A little further (2km) a space (the Tuves) with playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts and a skate park is specially designed for teenagers.
The garden of La Berlue is not a place where they can play ball or biking.

Compost :

In the garden, a compost is intended to receive your peelings and vegetables.

Trash can :

Leaving the house on the left, less than 50 m, there is a sorting area.

Washing machine :

The washing machine is under the stairs. Put two euro in the piggy bank for each use. Thank you to use your laundry product.

Your payment :

The payment for your rental is at the very beginning of your stay. Your deposit check and/or deposit will be refunded at your departure after the state of place and return of keys

housekeeping :

vacuum cleaners and brushes are held at your disposal. Thank you to clean when your stay is over.
If you prefer a cleaning lady, a 50 € for the apartment or 30 € room the DRC will be charged extra.


We wish you a pleasant stay.